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Fossilized Petrified Palm Root Stone - Small & Tumbled

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Each stone is thoughtfully hand chosen by our staff. These stones are representative of what you will be getting but you will not be receiving the same exact stone that is in the photographs. Stones supplied will be very similar but not identical. This purchase is for one stone not multiple stones. Pictures are for approximation of the stone we will choose for you!

100% of the proceeds of this purchase goes to Paws Worldwide Rescue, a 501c3, nonprofit, charity organization, that rescues and fosters former death row companion animals (mostly cats and dogs), helps them heal for as long as they need, and finds loving forever homes for them.

ORIGINS: Fossilized Palm Root or Petrified Palm Wood can be anywhere between 10-40 million years old and are a variety of Chalcedony. Palmoxylon, found in many places around the world, is an extinct genus of palm named from petrified wood. This is actually a pseudomorph, chalcedony gemstone replacing the wood. Therefore Petrified Palm Wood is actually a member of the chalcedony family with a hardness of 6.5 to 7. These stones formed from the fossilized roots of ancient palm trees. This is a very rare stone to find because most minerals form in veins where you can dig and follow the vein, but this stone you have to dig in random places and hope you find a palm root...which is almost impossible to find. Fossilized or Petrified Palm Wood forms when a tree dies and is buried under sediments. Minerals in the ground water permeate the wood and replace the original organic matter with silica and other trace elements. The trace elements cause the colors that you find in this material. The best specimens show the wood grain pattern and can be spots, straight lines, or flames - how the pattern displays is dependent upon which way the stone is cut.
COLORS: Black, Tan, Beige, White, Cream, Brown
ZODIAC SIGNS: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo
ELEMENT: Earth, Water
CHAKRAS: Root, Solar Plexus

♥ Protection ♥ Good Luck ♥ Fortune ♥ Calming ♥ Grounding ♥ Patience ♥ Steady Growth ♥ Connection ♥

Fossilized Palm Root Stone brings luck and enhances your connection to the earth.

Fossilized Palm Root is a stone of tender and gentle transformation. It is birthed from the miracle of elemental forces, millions of years of time and great pressure that has transformed the root and wood of the palm tree into beautiful crystal formations. Fossilized Palm Root carries the timeless wisdom and knowledge of the evolving Earth into our present moment. This knowledge reveals to us the sacred nature that is inherent in all life, including ourselves.

Fossilized Palm Root shows us the way to release and heal past life issues and current life challenges, confusion and fear. Gently transforming old energies and behaviors and regrounding us into a new foundation that is stable, strong, solid and tranquil. Fossilized Palm Root assists us to balance and soothe emotions, dissolve emotional fear, release negative repetitive behaviors and ease our feelings of depression and anxiety. It shows us the pathway into ourselves for self-discovery and deepens and expands our foundational perspective.

Fossilized Palm Root grounds us deeply into the natural kingdom and body of Earth revitalizing our physical, emotional and mental bodies with vital life force and chi. It brings protection to body and energy bodies and encourages a harmonious balance between our physical and spiritual life. It inspires the expansion of positive beliefs and woos the energy of contentment to bubble up from within, resulting in upliftment of mind, body and emotion.

Petrified or Fossilized Palm Root Stone has grounding, calming, and healing properties, and is said to bring protection and luck. In healing, Fossilized Palm Root is believed to ease issues associated with bones and skeletal system, bone marrow, liver, gallbladder, cellular metabolism, normalize heart beat and attract luck.

Petrified or Fossilized Palm Root Stone in general is a stone of patience, and slow and steady growth. Petrified Palm Root Stone can help one overcome limiting emotional patterns handed down through one's ancestors.

To keep this piece looking beautiful, please avoid wearing this while engaging in wet or strenuous activity such as bathing, swimming, or playing sports.

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