Green Painted Copper Gypsy Hoops Earrings
Green Painted Copper Gypsy Hoops Earrings
Green Painted Copper Gypsy Hoops Earrings
Green Painted Copper Gypsy Hoops Earrings
Green Painted Copper Gypsy Hoops Earrings

Green Painted Copper Gypsy Hoops Earrings

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This is a unique, one-of-a-kind copper earrings hand painted and handmade by local Morongo Basin artist, Holly Rae Wind. It is painted on both sides.

Copper jewelry has been popular for several decades, due to touted health and spiritual benefits. Some of the health benefits include boosting immunity, alleviating stress, anti-aging benefits, balancing menopausal issues, increasing cardiovascular health, aiding in mineral absorption, and healing anemia. Some of the spiritual benefits include conducting spiritual energy, amplifying thoughts and enhancing psychic abilities, boosting self-esteem, aligning the physical and mental sides of a person, and helping to manifest wealth.

Since childhood, Holly Rae Wind was practicing holistic healing before she even knew exactly what it was. She now combines several modalities, including Reiki, Emotion Code, and Chakra Healing into her healing practice, and infuses Reiki and love into each creation. Holly uses the healing power of stones and crystals and guides her clients in Chakra Healing, and will create personal power jewelry for each client, being guided to choose the best stones, crystals and copper. The beauty and healing powers the earth has provided is theirs to wear and will help them with their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Holly Rae Wind forms all her copper and steel pieces herself, and hand paints them. They are very hardy. The copper and steel bracelets can be adjusted to your wrist and are flexible but sturdy. No two pieces are alike, so what you purchase is uniquely yours!

Holly has been local to the Morongo Basin area for many years and has her work on display in several local art galleries. She is an essential and active member in the arts and healing community surrounding Joshua Tree and Palm Springs, California.

100% of JTAM's proceeds of this purchase goes to Paws Worldwide Rescue, a 501c3, nonprofit, charity organization, that rescues and rehabilitates death row cats, dogs & sometimes other animals, and finds loving forever homes for them.

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