SoloShak Digital Album & Singles

SoloShak Digital Album & Singles

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SoloShak contains a set of solo Shakuhachi Japanese Flute recordings by Shakuhachi professional Karl Young.

1. Shingetsu (Heart Moon) - One of the more gentle Honkyoku or original pieces, played by Zen moms.

2. Yamagoe (Over The Mountain) - A bit of an aggressive Honkyoku; meant to depict something like those times when one has to make a push to get over the mountain

3. Shika no Tone (Distant Cry of Deer) - One of the few honkyoku duets (though played as a solo version here). It contains a number of the standard techniques specific to shakuhachi that people may have heard if they've heard any shakuhachi.

4. Kaigarabshi - A gentle Min'yo or folk song associated with fishing on the Sea of Japan.

5. Esashi Oiwake - A flowing, rhythmically free form, Min'yo from northern Japan.

6. Soran Bushi - A pretty rowdy Min'yo that is a fisherman's work song.

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